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Ázsia ABC is a 100% Hungarian-owned company employing Hungarians.

99% of the goods we sell come from the authentic environment of South-East Asia. Our offer mainly covers the cuisine of Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Vietnam and India. But we are constantly expanding the number and type of available products.

Asian culture is a completely different world compared to Europe. In terms of gastronomy, there are also significant differences between countries. It is enough to compare Korean cuisine with Japanese cuisine. There are so many tasty, delicious specialties in this corner of the world. We want the opportunity to taste Asian food to reach everyone's home.

Make it yourself!

Our most important message is that everyone can make these delicacies at home. Become a hobby cook or a true culinary artist, even if you have never been to the Far East.

We believe that everyone can make these dishes. Our primary task is to provide the appropriate, high-quality raw materials for this.

If you have any questions, our customer service is at your disposal! Look for it under the "Contact" menu item.

We wish you a happy shopping!

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